GRC enablement is transformational. It is not only time and resource-consuming but also requires
a long commitment to navigate through the risk and compliance complexity for unlocking the benefits of GRC

Health & Safety

Establishing a good health and safety practice can be a real challenge. Between maintaining compliance at the administrative level and the physical application and testing of the established controls, you have your hands full.

Templar Shield provides a holistic view of health and safety covering risks, regulatory compliance, and incident investigations by leveraging leading GRC Platforms. We strive to collaborate with your ever-changing business landscape and expanding global workforce to ensure and build a safety culture. Our goal is to empower you to reduce your incident count to zero.

Health & Safety
Shield Advantage

Shield Advantage

Our holistic approach provides your executive management insight into your health and safety practice and equips you with the tools you’ll need to interact seamlessly with regulators. With our extensive industry experience, we can better arm you with the capability to meet your compliance obligations and avoid regulatory scrutiny and fines.

Our Approach

Our Consultants can help you build a sustainable Health & Safety program to track and report EHS risks and compliance



We aid you in building a fully-integrated health and saftey practice through use of GRC Platforms, allowing you to track everything from Risk to Incident Investigations in a singular location. With Health and Safety management, you can better understand your risk and compliance posture and automate your internal processes, helping you to focus on creating/maintaining a health and safety culture.



We partner with you to assist with identification of any health and safety risk or compliance gaps, aggregation of incident and investigation data and implementation of a GRC Tool solution that is tailored to your needs. With our in-depth knowledge of leading GRC technology and industry expertise, Templar Shield can help you build a holistic and integrated health and safety program.


Technology Enablement

Templar Shield partners with you to assess your current Health and Safety program in order to build out a solution that fits your needs and allows for program maturity.


Managed Services

Health and Safety platform maintenance and support

Our Partners

We have partnered with leading  GRC/IRM vendors with cutting-edge technology to provide best-in-class services and solutions 

to manage your risk and compliance program needs.

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