AML Compliance

A smart AML program protects shareholder value by balancing regulatory requirements, enterprise risk appetite, 

and AML threat countermeasures, time, budget, and systems complexity pressures.

AML Compliance

AML Compliance is complex, to say the least. Whether it be the development of AML related policies, AML Quality Control testing, Updates to Rules/Thresholds, or Investigations, there are a lot of moving parts and large regulatory requirements. Meeting those requirements while ensuring compliance can be overwhelming and difficult to track.


Templar Shield’s AML Solution provides an integrated and holistic approach to Anti-Money Laundering Compliance, including integration to existing AML Softwares, allowing for centralizaiton of AML Compliance Management. Through our solution, you are better equipped with a holistic view of your AML Program and its compliance status.


Shield Advantage

Through our integrated AML Compliance management solution, you have a single location that can give you an executive view of all things AML from the risks driving policy decisions to threshold optimization for transaction monitoring. 


Your AML team will be able to document and manage AML QCT engagements, threshold and rule optimization, and investigations into AML incidents. Through our solution, you can better determine bottlenecks and your compliance status.

Our Approach

Our holistic, integrated approach creates competitive advantages by actively managing your AML program with scalability and improved efficiency, helping to reduce financial, reputational, and regulatory risk.



An organizations’ AML maturity can vary tremendously from organization to organization.


Our advisory services, help you identify what aspects of AML are already highly mature and what are fairly immature. After implementation of the solution, your AML program will see the improved turnaround time for your complex processes, a reduction in duplicative spreadsheets, and a more streamlined program overall.



When working with you, we utilize our industry and platform expertise to provide insight into current industry best practices as well as assisting you with the molding of your AML program into a well-structured, fully integrated and mature program. At the start of each engagement, we focus on the manual, process-heavy aspects of the AML practice, such as rule tuning/optimization, investigation and incident management, and even AML policy change management. Once we start to “nail down” the process-related pain points, we look into any integration needs with existing AML technology that may be in use (Actimize, Oracle Financial Crime & Compliance Management, etc.).

Technology Enablement

A large aspect of the AML world is transaction monitoring. Many organizations have tools that work effectively and efficiently for meeting their AML transaction monitoring needs. In this case, when it comes to applying rules/thresholds to identify transactions that are deemed supsicious. The common bottleneck regarding AML transaction monitoring is the optimization of the rules/thresholds to reduce false positives. Through our integrations, those rules/thresholds that are being tuned and optimized can undergo an automated process and integrate seemlessly with the AML transaction monitoring system. This helps you to organize your rule change process, ensuring compliance and overall efficiency.

Managed Services

The AML Compliance Solution with our Admin-on-Demand offering will help you expand your capabilities without having to expand your team. Contact us to know more about each of these service offerings.

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